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Integrated Marketing Campaign Development

Integrated Marketing Campaign Development

Ignition crafts tailored strategies highlighting our clients’ unique offerings while triggering an emotional connection between our clients’ brands and their target audiences. The crafting process entails implementation of the Ignition Media Group Big 6 Framework ®, described more fully below. Reduced to its essence, this method is two-fold. In order to create a robust and well-rounded strategy, we first seek an understanding of your business objectives and growth opportunities. Then, after extensive research, we implement tangible solutions. Equipped with this proven strategy, which at its core is driven by determining what it is that makes a given demographic “tick,” our team is able to cultivate experiences that are not only authentic, but that touch and inspire our clients’ target audiences.

The Ignition Media Group Big 6 Framework ®, applied to each engagement, is both tried and true.

1. Know Your Goal1. Know Your Goal
2. Identify Your Target Audience2. Identify Your Target Audience
3. Define Your Targets' Needs and Values3. Define Your Targets' Needs and Values
4. Create Content That Moves The Hearts and Minds of Your Target4. Create Content That Moves The Hearts and Minds of Your Target
5. Place Content Where Your Target Lives, Works and Plays5. Place Content Where Your Target Lives, Works and Plays
6. Deliver The Results6. Deliver The Results

1. Know Your Goal

First, we aim to understand your short- and long-term goals and desired outcomes.

2. Identify Your Target Audience

Then, you tell us whom you are targeting. Based on that information, we develop audience profiles and build an integrated marketing strategy aimed at delivering your message to that target.

3. Define Your Targets’ Needs and Values

Ignition will define and validate those consumer profiles by implementing a research strategy to assess their accuracy. This strategy employs a three-pronged approach rooted in traditional SWOT methodology (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats):

  1. Competitive Analysis – We examine your competitive set to understand what they are doing, how they are doing it, and what, if anything, is setting them apart. We then cross-reference the compiled data with your current strategies.
  2. Global Benchmarking – While you may only be competing in specific markets, it is imperative to understand what the global leaders in your field are doing as well. We investigate those top performers and identify any best practices we find instructive.
  3. Alpha Panel – Ignition Alpha Panels are highly customized focus groups conducted in an environment consistent with the panel participants’ profiles. We assemble a representative sampling of your target audience to participate in a discussion pertaining to specific subjects. In addition to this focus group-style conversation, the Ignition team creates and distributes anonymous electronic postpanel questionnaires to ensure that participants have an opportunity to candidly and confidentially share additional viewpoints.

4. Create Content That Moves The Hearts and Minds of Your Target

Once the profiles have been confirmed, we create content that appeals to your target audience and moves them to take action.

5. Place Content Where Your Target Lives, Works and Plays

Utilizing our findings from the research phase, we produce a content delivery strategy designed to directly impact your audience. This is most often achieved through the implementation of an integrated marketing communication campaign that pulls together a solid media mix – public relations, digital and traditional advertising, social media marketing and experiential marketing – designed to spur organic audience interaction with your brand.

6. Deliver The Results

Return on investment is the key to every engagement. At the outset of each client relationship, we work with you to develop a system of metrics by which to measure the success of a given campaign. In order to validate that success over the course of the engagement, we consistently monitor that predetermined set of metrics to ensure that we continue to meet client deliverables.

Strategic Communications

Strategic Communications

We bridge the gap between your brand and its target audience(s). Understanding that the role of the marketer is in a state of constant evolution, we offer clients a full range of traditional and digital media services designed to increase awareness of your brand and create lasting connections. Whether it is as a PR practitioner, a market analyst, a viral marketer or social media strategist, the Ignition team will employ an all-inclusive communication strategy that ensures your brand’s success.

Traditional Public Relations

Although the role of traditional PR is rapidly evolving, it remains a fundamental piece of any broader communication strategy. First, we help you define your publics and determine how to effectively create and maintain an engaging dialogue. Then, we leverage existing relationships and work to build new ones in order to successfully convey your message to those publics. Finally, we devise a comprehensive strategy aimed at garnering media placements and increasing brand awareness.

Digital Media Marketing

Now more than ever, brands require a digital marketing strategy. Consumer-driven media continues to grow and we possess the skills necessary to engage your audience(s). Social media is an ever-growing platform through which you must leverage your brand, and we will help you do just that. Ignition will ensure your digital presence is authentic and relevant. Amongst other things, we can help with mobile and proximity marketing, blogger outreach, reputation management, social media management, and content creation. Our team possesses the requisite knowledge to facilitate content calendar development, devise a social media campaign strategy, discern appropriate social advertising opportunities, develop search engine optimization programs, and coordinate overall day to-day management of social media presence across platforms

Event Curation and Execution

Event Curation and Execution

Ignition’s roots date back to founder Dennis Archer, Jr.’s entrée into event promotion and production while attending the University of Michigan. Since then, this competency has matured into one of the agency’s core service offerings. Leveraging decades of collective experience in event curation, production, and promotion, the Ignition Media Group team prides itself in curating events that create impactful experiences while simultaneously breathing life into brands. The team produces events that not only make for an unrivaled participant experience, but also deliver on a specific set of business objectives. We know that every detail matters and we carefully tailor every detail to the brands we serve.

From Ideation to Execution

Event activation is a detailed process consisting of three elemental stages: pre-event implementation; on-site execution; and post-event follow-up. By employing this methodology, Ignition takes an idea from concept to creation to execution – providing clients with turnkey solutions designed to engage consumers and enhance brands. We do it all – design and production, local support and talent sourcing, vendor and media relations, and guest list curation.

Leveraging Our Black Book

Regarding guest list curation, Ignition has an extensive, proprietary network of influencers and tastemakers. For its clients, the agency curates tailored guest lists that are specifically crafted with your brand and your audience in mind.

Lifestyle and Influencer Consultation

Lifestyle and Influencer Consultation

What is an influencer? What motivates them? How do they motivate others?

We provide deep insights into the influencer or “tastemaker” communities – innovators and early adopters who guide their social communities with respect to what to buy, wear, listen to, watch, and of course, where to go. With a proprietary “black book” comprised of over 8,000 influencers cut across different communities, cultures, and backgrounds, our finger is consistently on the pulse of what inspires your audience and how to tap into that inspiration. Our job is to align, translate, and communicate your brand values to this community. How do we do it?

Ignition Alpha Panels

Highly-customized focus groups centered on specific topics pertaining to your brand; a topic that engages the Ignition Black Book network and taps a segment that is aligned with your target.

Culture Concierge

When you need to engage a specific community, host a VIP customer, or tap into what’s happening in a specific metropolitan community, we provide access to our expansive national network and we communicate your brand’s story to that network.


Our team will conduct in-depth research into specific influencers, prospective clients, or subjects of interest in an effort to identify opportunities to organically align your brand with their core values.

Strategic Matchmaking

Strategic Matchmaking

The key to the most successful client relationships is our strategic matchmaking practice. This unique and unrivaled practice area is one through which the Ignition team provides counsel relative to navigating the oftentimes murky waters of the financial, business, philanthropic, civic, and political communities. We regularly introduce clients to government and civic forums, connecting them to key local, regional, and national leaders across the spectrum.

An integral part of our strategic matchmaking practice is the development of dossiers. Ignition “dossiers” provide in-depth research and predictive analysis of specific subjects and individuals that are of interest to our clients.

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