Wayne College Community College District (WCCCD)


WCCCD, desired to expand its workforce programs and partnerships, to provide professional development for its vast team of leaders, to contemporize its entrepreneurial curriculums, have its social channels assessed, and expand relationships with community stakeholders and influencers as well as corporate leaders.


Branding & Marketing
Business Advisory Services


Ignition Media Group developed a strategy and strategic matchmaking plan, aimed at achieving the objectives of the Chancellor that included, but were not limited to the following: 

  • Increasing the number of partnerships with leading Wayne County businesses in the areas of telecommunications, construction and utilities with a goal toward enhancing the pipeline of certificate program graduates into the workforce;
  • Developing professional development programming for WCCCD staff leveraging the geographies most successful business minds in a “Masterclass” type fashion;
  • Branding WCCCD as a premier community college that is a leader in technical excellence and innovation not only in Southeastern Michigan but regionally;  
  • Increased the visibility of WCCCD as a top institution of higher learning in the Metro-Detroit area;  
  • Strengthening relationships with key community stakeholders and influencers;
  • Advising on the further integration of WCCCD into the civic, institutional, industry, and entrepreneurial milieus by way of strategic introductions and directed iterations;  
  • Conducting an extensive assessment of the social channels and marketing collateral and provide extensive feedback and suggested change in direction.

The Result

Ignition’s developed workforce relationships will result in job opportunities, internships and apprenticeships for hundreds of WCCCD scholars, the professional development programming is successfully underway and will continue throughout the year, we continue to act as a trusted advisor to WCCCD’s key stakeholders and provides innovative and strategic approaches to achieving the institution’s short-term and long-term goals. The leadership continues to be delighted with the relationships developed and consultation provided.
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